Monday, January 23, 2006

Another link

It seems I'm in link-fest mode today. Here's another link I thought some of you would find interesting. It's a post made by Jennifer at Open Book about exploring possibilities. It got me right by the throat, from the first sentence on:
I've always harbored enormous envy for people who live their passion. People who hear a calling with such clarity that response is the only answer, driven by compulsion or by destiny. People for whom not answering is not even a choice, really.
Seriously an excellent post that, at least in part, feels like it was ripped straight from my innards.


  1. Sometimes I read through the comments to a post I've written, from the heart by way of the gut, and think: what the hell are these people *reading*, anyway? Their words often bear no relation to the emotion I felt at that one moment in time and I am forced to believe it's because I failed horribly to communicate them effectively.

    Then I see this.

    And faith is restored.

    A little, anyway. :-)

    Thank you. Very much.

  2. That post makes me insanely jealous of where you seem to find yourself in life right now. I am infinitely frustrated by my own inability to go where I want to go, whatever the reasons are - I hope that I will still have the desire to go at all whenever I finally reach a point that I have the wherewithall to go 'there' - wherever that may be.

    It was a sage post, full of introspection and wisdom.