Monday, January 16, 2006

Poetry Chat Anyone?

Moontown Cafe Poetry Chat
(open 24/7)
Scheduled Chats:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00PM EST


  1. Jeez, I wish I was still into poetry. :) Heck, I wish I could still stay up until 9pm! Anyone I know still frequent the chats?

  2. lol, I haven't made it to poetry chat in months Ang. Not because I'm not up, because I am. Not because I'm not into poetry anymore, because I am...

    I haven't been there just because I can't friggin' remember to go!

    You know, I have a lousy memory, seriously. So I went to the store and bought some of that ginko biloba stuff that supposedly improves your memory. Yeah, you guessed it - I kept forgetting to take it.


  3. LMAO about the ginko! I used to be sharp as a tack, but I think there's something that happens to your body once you have a kid. It turns your mind to oatmeal! I've found that post-it notes everywhere is a decent and sometimes effective means of remembering stuff. I've got them stuck everywhere! I've got post-it notes reminding me to write post it notes!

    It's not that I'm not into poetry anymore, it's just that I'm uninspired lately (as in the last two years) and haven't written a damn thing, which makes me feel like an outsider in the poetry world anymore. Sure I still have a huge love for the craft, it's just not mine anymore. Does that make sense?

    HELP! I need inspiration... and some time.