Thursday, January 12, 2006

cutting the apron strings

Well, I've been successfully cut and cauterized, and I'm feeling appropriately crappy as we speak. Actually, I'm generally the type to bounce right back after any medical procedure, and having heard so many people say that this particular procedure was "nothing" I'm surprised by just how crappy I feel. lol. I mean, I'm not in excrutiating pain by any means, just a bit of pain, and generally 'yuck'.

Hell, I feel better right after having a baby than I feel right now!

There was one complication - the doc accidentally put a hole in my uterus with some surgical tool - so I got a mega dose of antibiotics and have to take my own temperature twice a day for the next three days, and watch for signs of infection and/or hemorrhaging. Then Monday I go back to his office so he can check me out.

I gotta tell ya though, I slept from about 9am (before sedation) right through getting sedation, all the way through the surgery(obviously) and didn't wake up until something like 2:30 this afternoon. All the nurses kept teasing me about how well/long I was sleeping, but I just told them, I have a 6 week old baby! That was more sleep than I've had in weeks!


  1. I'm glad it all went well even if you feel like crap. Hey, at least you got a nice nap!

  2. Heh, sign up for a few more elective procedures, E. You could use the extra rest.

    Ummm, are doctors supposed to be going around poking holes in people's internal organs? Doesn't sound very careful of him. Of course, I realize accidents happen and all.

    Hope no infection ensues and that you're over the general crappiness quickly. I wonder if it's more of a reaction to the anesthesia than to the actual surgery?

    Anyway, hugs to you, Erin. Love ya.

  3. Get well soon, E!! I'm sure the mental/emmotional effects of this aren't helping you either. Glad you found the silver lining in your nice long nap. :)

  4. You know I meant to spell emotional with 1 "m", right? Grrrr.

  5. V~ My god it was such GOOOOD sleep

    lol proper spelling is sort of optional around here lately Erin! But one M or 2, the mental part of this is BOUND to be affecting it. I'm exhausted, and no doubt just dealing in a lss than Erin fashion lol.

    Ang~ I have no time for infections! Bah! at the idea of it even!

    Actually, I have more antibiotics in me at this moment than any infection could possibly overcome! PLUS a tetanus shot, so come on, poke me with something dirty and rusty, I dare ya!

    Nah, seriously, I'm feeling better, still a little sore from the gas they use to "pump you up" with for the procedure (yeah they inflate your abdomen like a balloon, and some of the gas stays in and collects in various places, like your shoulders and under your ribs, causing great discomfort...) but the actual incision site and operative area have given me no trouble at all. But then again, less than 12 hours after it was done, I was running laps at CMC again, so who has time for pain?

    Love yas! *smooch*
    Now I'm going to bed, before I just fall over sitting here!

  6. Glad everything went well! Great news!!

  7. Haven't been here in a bit--working hard to finish writing a book...
    Knew you were expecting--now, I get to say:
    "Way to go!!!"