Friday, January 6, 2006

Astrologically Speechless

Astrologically Speechless

It was a fingernail moon
that scratched the sky last night:
God clutching at black satin sheets
in self-induced orgasmic glory.

Raindrops pounded the window
as nightfall gyrated in ecstasy
and slid into the west.
The cavernous dark that remained
was a mouth devoid of answers
or reason, wordlessly empty,

and the stars just platitudes
meaningless and pretty
for the desperate.


  1. Oh Erin. I love this. I love that you dared bring sensuality and sexuality to God and I love the rhythmic throbbing of it. I love the self-indulgence and then emptiness of it. Mmmm. This is good.

  2. want the truth Erin? You ever get a word or a line or an idea that just swims around in your head insisting that you use it in a poem? Well - this piece started that way... the idea/word that spawned it? "dry hump"

    Go figure :)

    Glad you like this piece though. I like the concept, but I need to refine it. This is totally a first draft.