Thursday, April 28, 2005


My emotions are so completely out of control lately. Major suckage.

I have new Iris blooms today. They're a horrible color like old blood. I want to go cut them down. They say certain colors have predictable effects on the human mind, that they can trigger an emotional response on an instinctual level. These flowers make me angry. I can't explain it really - but however you describe it, it is not positive.

I subscribed to Writer's Digest and have received two issues now. It's a very cool magazine for a beginner like me. There haven't been a lot of references to poetry in what I've read so far, but a lot of tips on writing in general that can be applied to my poetry. It's also got other articles, like interviews with successful authors that give some insight into getting published, and classifieds in the back that list calls for submissions and some contests. If you don't subscribe to it, I highly recommend it.

One of the things included in one of these issues is an article siting what they consider to be the 101 best websites for writers. I listed them all on the Moontown Cafe Blog. Some of them seemed pretty useless to me, but the vast majority of the ones I visited seemed very helpful in a lot of respects.

I've also found a lot of amazing blogs with links, resources, contests, calls, interviews, advice and how-tos. I'm on the bandwagon bloggers! Blogging may very well be the thing that changes this millenium, and for so many varied groups of people! This blog gets somewhere around 80 hits a day most days. Now I'm not trying tosell anything, and I don't concentrate much on getting this blog 'sold' - but my stat counter shows that several of the search engines have spidered it, and it comes in up near the top of the search results in any engine I've done a keyword search using the words Erin Monahan. (And the weird thing is, someone else googled Erin Monahan - what's up with that!? I'd love to know WHO!)

Anyway, just having a blog has gotten my name out there to a certain degree. I just wonder if what I've written here is really what I want 'important' people to find if they ever come looking.


  1. I thought you were in England? This says whoever did it was in California - you shouldn't confuse me so, it's too easily done!


  2. You know damn well baby that i google you all the time :P

  3. hee hee "google" >;)
    You're so bad!

  4. No, you're right, it wasn't me- I am in Wales (near England)!