Wednesday, April 6, 2005


People from other wheres think I'm crazy when I talk about how warm it gets here, and how early. I'm spoiled when it comes to my local weather. Check out this next week's temps!
Spring is short lived around here!

Ma came home from her 2 day beach trip with Kory today. They went to Carolina Beach, just outside of Wilmington. It's not a tourist spot, it's quiet and much less commercialized than Myrtle, which is the only beach I've ever been to. She came in gushing abut how beautiful it was and how many homes she saw for rent, and how I'd love it. She added how Wilmington was a city big enough to support several lawncare companies that Scotty could go to work with.

Kory brought home a bucket of shells and shark's teeth. They were warm and wet from being in the trunk. They smelled like salt and home.


  1. typo on it in second line, hon. It was 70 something here yesterday and we just had a snowstorm on Saturday!

  2. funny, we live just outside of Wilmington.......Delaware. *sniff* oh I miss salt air. right now it's damp and warmish and rainy and springy, and apparently I've developed allergies. darn. darndarndarndarn. :D