Thursday, April 14, 2005


Wow. I am so floored with Shaela and her massive truckloads of initiative. And damn if she ain't fast too!.

I got my proof today via email. It's so. . . mine. I LOVE it. Now if my packet would just arrive already! All we're waiting for is for the contract to get to me, be filled out and returned, and the cover. She says it'll be ready the end of May.

She also says I should make a list of people/places that might want to buy my book, like, having it announced in my local paper. . . stuff like that. Maybe the local library, I'll have to find Ms. Helms. I know she'll want one. She was my Senior English Lit. teacher. I haven't talked to her in about a year. Maybe I'll send one to Sun Valley (my highschool, back in the day. Can I call it my Alma Mater if I didn't graduate?)

May 31. Wow.
I can't WAIT to get the first copy!

Now, I've got stuff to do.


  1. Hi Erin - Good morning from across the pond. Thanks for stopping by She Weevil. I have left a comment there but thought I'd pay a return visit. It would be more than fine for you to link to A Pocket Full of Poesy and hopefully submit work too.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Excellent thank you! Consider it done :)

  3. Erin, put me on the list to buy. Happy, happy, happy! Very happy for you.

  4. Excellent Jenni, thanks *smooch!*