Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Vickie!

So I worked a while on my website last night. Got all of my poetry from the past loaded. I lost all motivation somewhere in the middle of 2005. I need to finish it off and be done. I so used to love doing that shit, now it's so much like work!

I swore I was gonna do yard work today, I haven't. I've done 4 loads of laundry though. . .

It's just that Sundays are the only day Scotty has off, now that the season has started back up he works 6 days a week every week, and spends those six days doing yard work. If I go out there, he'll come out to help, then I'll feel bad. But god it's a wreck out there!

Besides, the race is on!

I went out yesterday scouting for photo-ops (lol!) and everything I thought might make a good picture was backdropped by weeds and tall ass grass and crap and garbage. . .
sad sad yard. Gotta get it cleaned today, my film is bound to arrive in tomorrow's mail!

For anyone who doesn't know it... It's Vickie's birthday!

Happy happy birthday, on this your special day!
Happy happy birthday, that's what we're here to say
Happy happy birthday. May all your dreams come true!!!!
Happy happy birthday, from Erin's Blog to YOU!!!!!!!
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  1. and this is what I find, thanks hon. You're worth millions.