Friday, April 29, 2005


Sometimes "things" happen you know?

Sure, probably unavoidable, but equally irreversible, and you wish they hadn't happened but they did and you can't go back and undo them. Nor can you unfeel your reaction to those things.

Regret your reaction? Yes. Change the way it twisted up your innards... no.

Christine, or Zoe, or Sweet, or however you know her, if you know her, once said

"i don't belong places. "
I agreed with her at the time, no, I empathized.
Tonight there are places I don't belong. That hurts, and it all comes down like I make the choice to not belong, I don't. I really don't.

On a lighter note, my chapbook publisher called tonight, and she is as in-love with my cover art as I am. It's SO pretty, and I'm SO not telling what it is. I swear I'm not - I swear I swear I swear I'm not.

So there.


  1. hey E

    what's up hon?

  2. You can email me the cover art directly, 'cause I know I can crack you!! Lol.

    So how are things? You OK?

  3. whatisit?

    i wanna know your cover art!!


    hi erin!

  4. HAHAHA!

    Hi guys, wazzup?
    (I didn't just write that like that, you just imagined it.)

    Well, maybe a hint - it's a floral print.
    and now I've rhymed.

    Assholes made me rhyme!
    hahaha! Love ya's