Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Moontowncafe's new blog!

I just made a blog for moontown, so I can archive the newsletters and contest winners. I'll also add all the contests with cash prizes and calls for submissions that I've been posting on the site. Just to keep up with them I guess. I figured a blog for moontown would come in handy if only for my own benefit, but I think it could come in handy for getting some more traffic to MTC as well. You can find it at All you moonies do me a favor and add a link to your blog eh? Even if you mention it in a post, it shows up in a technorati search :)

It's pretty damned empty for now, but I'll get it going tomorrow. Tonight, I'm on strike. I don't feel well and I just don't feel like doing anything more.

So, that's my news for the night :)

1 comment:

  1. Feel better soon! Hope you're resting your poor internet-soaked eyeballs and taking it easy. XOXO