Monday, April 11, 2005

Networking Made Easy

It's funny, in the last month I've gone from really not giving a damn about being published to suddenly feeling like I need to get published, quick! I've never really cared about being in print, getting my name out there. I was always happy just writing, and honestly, enjoying the sense of "fame" (for lack of a better word) within the community at MTC.

I think it has something to do with Lynn Sweeting. She joined MTC and posted one poem. One. She came in second in the IBPC that month. It was the best placement we've had in ages. But see, she didn't come back, I wondered if she even knew she'd placed. So I Google her and find out that we've had a minor celebrity join, post, and damn near win.

If you haven't read anything by her, seriously, hunt her down. She's an activist/feminist type -- I can't honestly relate to that, but her poetry is simply amazing, so strong, no -- powerful. I discovered she had founded her own magazine, and was impressed.

Anyway, first place that month went to someone at another board, so I decided to join that board, sneaky me, and see what it was that they did differently, because they always place well there. I was unimpressed with that board and quit going there since, but in the meantime, I got an invite to another board. The one I've mentioned started by a fellow conspirator. The owner and several of the admin are published multiple times. I really enjoy that board, seriously. They invited me to moderate there, and I accepted. It's a whole different world from Modding at MTC!

From that board, someone else who has another board saw me, and invited me to their board, basically an invitation only board. I joined there too. They're run by a girl who is starting what amounts to a publishing business. I know her from another board, though neither of us can quite place which one. Once upon a time I belonged to about 10 simultaneously.

I also have done some searching online for groups that support NC and SC writers and found a board sponsored by the SCWW that I joined. That seems very promising, being sponsored by a fairly local writer's workshop group.

The other day I got email from a fellow who found some comments on my webpage interesting. He added a link from his blog to mine. Only after we pingponged in the email a few times did I find out that he's a published author.

Moontown needed a newsletter to celebrate April, being NPM. I've never done a newsletter before, and it pretty much sucked. I didn't volunteer to do it every month, but I probably will anyway. Kyle has emailed me some stats that he'd like added in the next newsletter. So I guess that says something huh? Anyway, one thing you do with a newsletter is trade ads with other related newsletters and sites - ie: Ill be shopping for/selling ads for the newsletter, which means I'll be dealing with other poetry and writing groups and sites.

It's like the universe is doing some networking for me.
I'm realistic about my chances of being published, of being anything more than I am right now. I'm also smart enough to know that it isn't what you know, but just like Hollywood, WHO you know.

I feel like I'm riding a wave... only, I don't remember deciding to wade out into the water. But I have to tell you, I'm enjoying the ride so far, and looking forward to whatever twists and turns may be in store!

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