Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Garden Part 2

My azaleas won't be blooming this year. Too much stress from the badly timed transplant I guess. The rose bush is looking pretty sad too. I doubt we'll see many of those this year either. I'll be glad to get it pruned down this fall, if it did bloom this year it would be horribly lopsided, but I didn't want to stress it too much this year with the transplant AND a massive chopping, let her get her roots in, then we'll trim her up.

My Irises were/are a fair show, most didn't bloom at all, but the ones that did are beautiful. And my calla lilies are still praying their way through the dirt - about 8 - 12 inches tall now. They're so pretty even as they emerge, little green tubes that push up. As they unfurl and grow they remind me of hands in prayer, or hands held so as to catch and hold the rain to siphon it to the roots. They're just fun to watch.

The Daffodils are long past prime, I should cut the old blooms away - oh and I finally identified the other plants, they're Bluebells. They're still very pretty. A dainty little puddle of purple in what has so far turned out to be a generally green garden.

I think if we can finish up the interior bit of area before fall, next year it will be a very nice little garden. This has been a mixed blessing for me. I have enjoyed the planting and watching the plants adjust, recover, grow, what have you. But I'm not a very patient person, and I'd like very much to get a season out of this garden that is more beauty and not so much disappointment. I really wish my lilac and hibiscus plants hadn't died.

Lilac just isn't indiginous to the south, very tricky to get them to grow and bloom in our climate, and the hibiscus was killed by fire ants. No fire ants where you are? Be glad, very very glad, they're horrible, and they bite, and damn near nothing will kill off the colony. The worst part is the way they multiply. One mound becomes 20-30 in a matter of one season. You have to watch every crumb and every footstep. They swarm and attack and hurt like a bitch.

PS: *waves* Hi to whoever is here from The Versifier!


  1. Just passing through but you have a excelent blog by the way. This year I am trying to have a green thumb and plants some flowers so it's cool to see another flower lover.

  2. Hey E,

    Next year it should be a good garden -- of course up here we have lilacs! I know I know it's mean to tempt you. I'm not sure if you can grow this down there, but scotch broom is an early bloomer and really wonderfully fragrant. maybe you can grow that?