Friday, April 15, 2005


Well, due to my doofusness, I completely misunderstood, and this chapbook won't have an ISBN at all - they cost $125. I mean, I can buy one, and have it listed with an ISBN, but the deal I'm working right now doesn't come with an ISBN, and I thought it did. I'm bummed - as much for misunderstanding as for not having the damn number.

This is what I was talking about when I said I was clueless.
Damn it I feel so stupid.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still tickled about the chap, I can still use it to market myself. It will still be a cool thing to have, and I'm considering the ISBN, but I'm realistic enough to know what my budget looks like. Know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I got the contract today, filled everything out and made copies for my own benefit. It'll go out Monday, and the book will be out as scheduled. And I'm going to sell the hell out of it by god - then I'm going to find a million contests and calls for chaps and submit to them too damn it.



  1. Chin up!
    I'm learning and all your faithful who read are too. We feel "with you" and for you. You're getting published bottom line. I bet a lot of us here lurking would like that, too. Fight on! ~ML

  2. Don't fret hon, sometimes in our excitement we can miss some of the finer details. Don't let it extinguish the flame.

  3. One small step for poetry, one giant step for Erin Monahan? *shrugs* Trying to think of some cliche words of comfort and coming up dry. It's a start, right? Chin up Girlfriend! It could be worse - could not be getting published at all!! :)

  4. There are a lot of us who don't even have the confidence in ourselves enough to try and get published at all, so whether or not your chap has an ISBN or not is small potatoes in my estimation. I still think that you're one of the best damn writers I know.


  5. you're all rock stars!

    I love yas ya know it?

  6. I think I speak for all of us when I say we know and we do you too! :-)

  7. Something for you to consider: there are hundreds of chapbook competitions each year. many times they'll not only publish the winners, but also the runner-ups. Just keep in mind, once it's published as a 'book' the collection is no longer eligible for contests, even if self-published. I've been working on the same manuscript for almost 2 years, and I have another i started six months ago. From my experience, the chap should really have an arc--it should almost be like a short novel in poems. Maybe I'll write something about chaps today. i've been reading a lot about them--and Silliman has some posts on chapbooks you may want to check out.

  8. Unfortunately, mine, though it IS a story in my head - personally - I'm afraid it's not so discernibly so to the reader :|

    It's something to think about though, to start a manuscript with a story line in mind.

    You're just a wealth of information Jenni. I'm gonna steal you and keep you in my back pocket for quick reference.

    "Poetry for Dummies"