Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Poetic Acceptance

So I sent in the manuscript yesterday. Amazingly, she wanted it via email. She wants to get to work on it asap I suppose. I keep vascillating on how to feel. I'm so excited and proud, but I don't want to seem all giddy, like some teenaged dumbass. (Like I was 6 years ago, when I found out was going to publish my poem, lol)

Anyway, like I've said before, somehow being solicited makes this better for me, more proud-making. And I'm thrilled at the opportunity. I hope it will lead to bigger things!
And part of me just wants to do a goofy-girly dance and scream like a little bitch!

I'm getting published!!!!!

My kids are so proud of me. That's the best part. Scotty hasn't said a word, I don't know what that means. And Mom is going to want to read it, which is scary, I've never let her read my work, I think most of it would upset her, hurt her feelings. I found myself omitting certain poems with her in mind. That sucked. Some of my favorite poems didn't go in because of her, and some of the ones I did send in the manuscript will kill her anyway.

I probably shouldn't have told her anything about it, approach it like I do my sexuality! What she don't know won't hurt her... but then, maybe it's time she knew eh?
I titled it Poetic Acceptance, what else would I call it? And maybe she'll just have to accept.

Anyway, next week we'll be buying the domain name, so a week or so after that I can start the NC/SC Website & Forum. I've been so busy with Versifier and Shaela that I've barely had time to think about exactly what I want to do with it. And I've got to get to work on some other stuff too, or I'll never be done by deadline with it. But today, I think I'm going to take off, mostly. I'm tired and frazzled and grumpy. I really need to sleep more, but my brain won't shut up long enough to fall asleep until I'm so exhausted that my body just over rides it.

It's rainy and grey and it's all swooshy outside. Terra got up super early today (6am) so she'll be going back to bed soon. I think I'll try a nap when she does.


  1. Doesn't the weather just suck right now? there were a couple gorgeous days and now its cold and rainy. blek.

    Congrats again on your chap! i have a couple manuscripts in the works, but neither are finished. I look forward to yours, send me your phone #!!!!!


  2. uh huh - this is NC in the spring for ya, wet and grey. Hey did you guys get the thunderstorms last night? They rocked! I emailed :) And thanks again for the congrats, y'all are being so sweet to NOT make me look like a big goober.

  3. you are not a big goober -- i wanna see your excited girlie dance ;)

  4. There ya go L - my dance :)

  5. i LOVE the dance that's just great!

  6. Hi there. I found your blog via I am Fashion's sitemeter. I don't know you, but must day congrats on getting published!

  7. Congrats, darlin' I want a copy, too! But you don't have to edit with me in mind - I may seem priest-like, but I'm not. ~ML and hugs!

  8. Thanks Mike! I'll fill you all in when I know the what's and when's. It'll be a while, I haven't even gotten the contract yet.