Monday, April 11, 2005


Well, someone approached me in email today, someone I knew from an ezine I was published in, and a board I used to post on, and asked if I'd let her publishing company publish a chapbook for me. I am so excited, even though I know that this is only a step or two above self-publishing. I know that the product will be professional in appearance, it will have an ISBN #, and will afford me the opportunity to site something other than just online Ezines for publishing credits. I realize that I'm not going to get rich off of this, but it's a first step for sure!

And I'm just so flattered that someone thought my work needed to be "out there" that they solicited a manuscript from me!It was so sudden and unexpected - I was hoping she couldn't hear my heart pounding when I called her. I'm such a wuss about talking on the phone, especially to people I don't know. And on top of the usual sense of panic I feel when calling strangers, I was nearly in a panic about the fact that, having never been published, I was so completely clueless as to protocol.

Thank god she was so down to earth and sweet on the phone!
Now to get together 20 - 30 poems that "tell a story."

I'm not at all sure I have 30 that need to see the light of day!

If you guys don't see me so much for a while - I'm either working on a chapbook, or dying of a nervous breakdown!


  1. Oh, Erin...that's the thing about a nervous breakdown (so I hear) - you WISH you could just die, but you don't. Lol. Take care of yourself. Glad to know I am not the only one on semi-hiatus. Oh, and regarding the phone wussiness, I will be sure to ringy dingy you unexpectedly one of these days. Mwahahah!

  2. Very cool Erin! Let me know when it's all said and done so I can order a copy.


  3. You know, Erin, E2 is right, if you ready her blog last day or so. Be careful out there, never know what kind of swindles people are running out there. I do want to see you published - all in good time. Best warmest regards.

  4. Wow Erin! Things seem to be moving along so fast for you lately! That's awesome! And as far as finding 30 poems that tell a story, I can probably name at least that many off the top of my head. You're an amazing writer, and I can't think of anyone more deserving of publication.

  5. You guys are just too damned awesome. Love yas *smooch*

    Yeah, fasssst -- and there's more sort of in the sidelines brewing! I don't think I can keep up!