Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bound to my Poetry

Well, I've submitted 3 more poems - to a Emag who takes email subs. A good thing, I haven't got the money for postage right now. If there was ever a time I needed to get a job it's been in the last few weeks - it's been really hard lately. But I've been selfish - in some weird Bohemian way. I quit smoking (mostly) because we couldn't afford cigarettes for us both. But I was willing to do that because if I went to work, I'd lose every bit of momentum I've got going.

I'm not going to mention where I submitted, but with the chapbook thing, it's the third submission I've made in 2 months or less - considering I've never submitted until now. I figure I'm bound to know soon if I suck as badly as I think I do.

I'm not nervous about rejections. I figure I'm sure to get my share of those - pay my dues or whatever. And I'm impatient as hell so the place I submitted to tonight I chose simply because the editor said that he never takes more than 3 weeks to answer.

Unfortunately, if I'm going to submit anywhere else, I have to write more, since simultaneous subs are frowned on.

Oh wait, I found a place that takes sim. subs, I forgot about that. I'll have to remember to check that out in the morning. Does it matter if I submit poems that are going in the chap? I so need to learn what the fuck I'm doing. *sigh* I'm so clueless.

Anyway, here I am at 1am and I'm shot to shit. I am going to bed - 2 hours earlier than usual!


  1. You're fineeeeeee, Erin. Steady as she goes and good luck!!!

  2. Re: submitting poems/chap book- I'd say that since you're keeping the copyright of your chapbook ones you're ok to submit them as long as they don't make it a requirement that they're unpublished.

  3. martin's right on the chapbook, they can be published in more than one place provided that non-published is not a prerequistite. I would suggest you set up a database in excel or something to keep track of what you're submitting where and when and what gets rejected and what gets taken so that you stay on top of that -- and that's only b/c I know how scared you are of some poetic faux pas. :) I would definately puchase a copy of le book of chap. *hug*

  4. Excellent to know Martin and L. Thank you very much. I kind of figured it was OK, but I am far from knowledgeable in such things.

    Martin~ I'm so glad you stop by every so often, and I'm glad to see you've added some new poetry at Complete and Utter Poetry ;)

    Mikester! werrrrrd. Glad you got that stat counter, cool eh? should pay me for the advertising I've done!

    Lady L, have you updated in the last 10 minutes? damn it!