Monday, April 25, 2005

Guest Poets

Had an interesting thing happening today. One of the boards I belong to had visits from John Sweet. Look him up if the name doesn't ring any bells. It was an honor - doesn't that sound corny?- anyway, it was very cool to read his poem. Partially made me realize he's just human. It was a good poem, but I wasn't blown away. The best part was disecting it, looking at all the bits and pieces and watching how he assembled them, and to what affect.

Another guest dropped in, though I can't swear until I talk to the board owner - but I believe it was Lyn Lifshin. Now THAT'S someone to learn from eh?

I am thrilled at the opportunity to learn from these two, even if only by dissecting their poems, and some light commentary they've made. No in-depth crits from either one of them -- yet.

But one can always hope.

Just found out it isn't Lyn Lifshin - the identity of said poster/guest poet is a sworn secret. Rumored to be Sheila Murphy - but does the name really matter, I know it's a successful poet, whoever she is, and the poetry she posted was amazing - so many nuances that made me slobber. . .


  1. Um...I know this is not related to your post and probably very self-absorbed and needy, but can you please send work via email, fax, telephone, smoke signal or carrier pigeon that you're OK? I worry, you know.

  2. That Lyn Lifshin...supposedly she's had some work published in JAW.