Friday, April 8, 2005


Scotty, being male, is naturally precluded from "perfect" but sometimes, he's perfect anyway! His brilliant A #1 idea for the night is for me to have a poetry forum/site specifically for poets in North and South Carolina. He even volunteered to do the programming stuff for the forum part, which is exactly why Poetic-Acceptance (the site) never happened -- because I don't know how to work a forum! So now, I'm going to start a new site, all for poets in NC and SC and I can even see about starting writing workshops, and get togethers and organizing local readings and open mic nights and WEEEE! I'm all excited!

I can make this happen, be successful and shit, I know I can. I need to take a breath, we haven't even bought a name yet lol!

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  1. Yes i am.. im the smartest man in the wordl (insert your own evil laugh)haaaa haaaaaa haaahaaa

  2. smartest man in the "wordl" eh? Mwahahaha! Yeah yeah, stay outta my damn blog willya? It's gonna go to your head, and you'll be intolerable! Love you!

  3. E? should you really be talking about head in your blog? the rest of us are watching!

  4. Erin,

    That would be really cool. We have to meet! I only live a few hours from you and Jack and I are in that area every once in a while. I get home tomorrow (I'm in Indiana) let's exchange numbers at least, there's apoetry festival in carboro in May and the NC Writer's network has a couple conferences every year. Your blog looks awesome btw!!

    love to you


  5. L? Just wait till you see my next entry ;)

    Jenn, I'll email you but this is a while in becoming an actuality. There's a domain name to get and a site to build an members to find, lol - I'm so psyched!

  6. heh,
    I guess all of us need to start looking for property in nc/sc.

    Good for you, really. If anyone can do it, I know you can.

  7. *smooch!* Thanks Ang... and yes, please do look for property here. Ask Jenny and Ry ry, the weather is beautiful... and I think MTC really SHOULD be headquartered in NC!