Monday, April 18, 2005

The Things We Do

The things we do for beauty! Poor Kassi is only ten years old. She got braces a few weeks ago, and we knew then that they'd have to extract 4 teeth in order for her other teeth to have the room to adjust. Now let's face it, this is 99% cosmetic. Her teeth were terribly twisted and crowded, and she's even more buck-toothed than I am, poor thing. But she never had problems with eating or speaking, no cavities caused by the crowding. . . This is mostly so she can be a hot mama when she's older.

Well, today they pulled those teeth. All four in one sitting. They don't let Moms go back for the actual extraction. Wise choice probably, but she was waiting for the doctor, after they numbed her and she got scared and started crying, so they took me back to comfort her. Poor kid was a wreck, and when she was done - they just sent her out, slobbering and bleeding and crying and numb.

She's now buzzing, on Tylenol w/codeine - rather drunk, and in no pain. I'm glad of that but from the point they took me back to her and I saw her crying and terrified, well, I kind of lost it too. I for one am glad it's over - glad she'll have beautiful teeth, a perfect smile, and all the best looking hottest sweetest richest boyfriends (she will, right? Perfect teeth promise that right?) but more glad it's over.

Now, I'm going to go write.


  1. ummm I don't have great teeth but I have a hot sweet wonderful guy so hey, I guess its all perspective. :) Of course mine LOOK okay so maybe that's what did it -- like me my teeth are okay on the outside but rotten on the inside ;) You're a good mom to make sure her teeth get taken care of now before she's hyper-sensitive to them keep her pumped with the drugs!

  2. I'unno about that tooth theory, Erin. I hate to say it, but a beautiful mouth can work against a girl when she becomes the prey of teenage boys seeking a little tender kissin,' here or there. Or maybe I am just speaking from atypical experience. Lol. Like Deliverance, "You got a purty mouth!" Lol. What a bitch I am to bring such things to a mother's attention. Oh well. Childless me will get mine someday, I'm sure.

  3. By the time i let her actually date she'll be 30 something :)

  4. Ah, good Dad! See, my father was absent and look how I turned out! Yikes!!!

  5. "hottest, sweetest, richest boys?" isn't the word 'sweetest' mutually exclusive from describing 'richest' boys?