Saturday, April 9, 2005

Breathe Erin breathe!

There's nothing like brilliant ideas, mind blowing sex, and tongue searing coffee to start a day off right!

Jenny, I have to admit I never even thought of you when Scotty came up with this website idea, you're so much more informed and knowledgeable about so much, whenever this comes to fruition, I'd love to have you on board!

Brainstorming of the day:
*The cost of a domain name is really small, but the hosting is the killer. I'm thinking sponsorship is the key to getting this up and running. I'll be selling myself all over town here, and I think Schools and Colleges will be a good way to network, expand a membership base, and again maybe some of the colleges will be good tools in the sponsorship hunt.

*Flyers/business cards.

*Creative Loafing


*network with publishers for various genres/age groups.

*Remember those cheesy ass books of poetry the schools used to publish your little poems in? Yeah, those sucked, how about an organized state(s)wide elementary poetry anthology, and one for middle school, and one for highschools. . .

*I've never even been to a writing workshop, or anything like one: must research the prospect re: cost and 'accepted' etiquette thereof and such.

I have some really great ideas, but I'm getting the horse before the cart here. . .

Breathe Erin, breathe!

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