Sunday, April 17, 2005

Poetic Intricacies

OK so ISBN #'s are really expensive. Not a justifiable expense for the likely sales income from a chap. OK I can deal with that. So I look up ISSN #'s and think I've hit the jackpot, they're FREE! They're also for series, like a magazine with a monthly issue under the same title. I'm thinking I'm not even interested in talking Shaela into publishing a chapbook for me on a monthly basis.


Write what you know. Historically proven to be pretty good advice. I'm trying to keep it in mind here, but I don't know very much. Maybe my chapbook manuscript #2 will be poetry about labor and delivery. I know that pretty damn well. Not a very marketable genre of poetry though. Hmmm.

I fear I will have to delve into my neuroses to do this well. That's a wealth of subject matter eh?


  1. I say write what you know, or discover what you know while writing. there may be things you know that you don't know you know. Am I confusing you yet? LOL.

    man--that thing with the braces--poor thing. But she will be grateful for it when she's eighteen and ready to audition for her first stripper job.



  2. Ahh Man!

    Ya had to go THERE didn't you!? The sad thing is that the way she prances around when guys are around (already) it wouldn't surprise me if that's exactly what she did!