Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The curse of being poetic

I am a writer.

There are many times - most times really - that this fact is as basic as saying "I am human."
It's simply who and what I am, it's how my brain works. I appreciate it as the gift it is, and the curse it can be.

You would think that someone who plays with words all the time, who studies the nuances of connotation and placement, the importance of context and innuendo, you would think I'd be a pretty decent communicator.

I am, most days, with most people.

And then there are days when I try to say something to someone and get a blank stare, as if they have no idea what in hell I'm talking about. Normally, these are the days I try to talk to people who do not write. Shifting gears to speak to the unpoetic, in unpoetic terms, is hard for me - especially when it's an emotionally charged subject. Emotion is one of the greatest ingredients of poetry, I react to it as a writer - my brain goes into poetrymode.

I don't know how to say, "I am afraid" or "I am angry" or "I am worried."
well that's too banal, bland, unimaginative - show, don't tell. Write what you know.

Sometimes others just don't get that that's what I'm saying at all.


  1. I like your blog better than mine! Hmph!

  2. lol, that's cuz someone loves me enough to have custom designed this bad boy for me (thanks again Erin!)

  3. Many of us ~DO~ get that and are with you and were nodding our heads when we read this post. That's the truth. Like money in the bank. No way I was the only one doing that! ~ML and hugs! Peace!

  4. huh? I don't get it.

  5. I'm kidding I'm kidding!!!