Saturday, April 16, 2005

In Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry

TMP is going to include my poem "Daydreams and Regrets" in their newest issue (#34) Which is mucho coolio. Another Emag, but a credit nonetheless. Wish Richard @ JAW would let me know something. - If I'm going in JAW, I'd like to add it to my credits in the chap.

Current Credits:
TMP Irregular - TMP publications
Poetic Acceptance - chapbook - Meeting of the Minds Publications
Voices from the Crater - Moontown Media
The Paranormal Wormhole -- Moontown Media
Moontown 2004 Poetry Calendar -- Moontown Media
Meeting of the Minds Journal
Where the Sidewalk Ends

and maybe JAW?

It's time PRINT stuff damn it.
Can't wait till Ploughshares opens for reading again. I'm gonna get my first real live rejection from them! I just know I am, I can feeeel it! We spent the morning at the orthodontist. They took Kassi's wires off, along with 4 brackets, and Monday she loses 4 teeth. Not looking forward to that one. Bless her heart, she has no idea what she's in for. She's not afraid of the dentist -- yet.

This afternoon, I am dying my hair, a nice normal shade of medium brown. Sick of this damned grey - I look like I have highlights. Grey fucking highlights. I'm only 32!

I need a filing cabinet. My shit's a wreck, with all the projects I've got going! S'ok though, I'm busy, sometimes a little fried, but happy to be feeling like I'm DOING something for a change!
Now, I'm going to go DO something ;)


  1. Congrats on TMP. That was fast!

  2. Thank you V! That's why I submitted to him, he said on his page that he never took more than 3 weeks, and usually let you know within 1 week. My impatience made that decision!