Thursday, May 26, 2005

Time to Move?

I don't have it in me today to deal with the non-spelling, can't-punctuate, don't-know-nuthin-bout-grammar crowd today. And today, they're everywhere.

Here in NC in the last few days or so, we've returned to the hayday of the KKK I guess. Three 7ft crosses were burned in Durham last night. Ridiculous.

Or maybe to the days before the concept of religious freedom sunk in. We're the proud homeplace of a church whose sign reads "The Koran Needs to Be Flushed" because the preacher believes that his way is the only way. I don't suppose anyone's too surprised that it's a Southern Baptist church.

I think that the idiots with the crosses should have taken the remainder of their Kerosene to that church sign. But that would be intolerant of me wouldn't it? The whole of it leaves me with a bad aftertaste and the urge to pretend I live elsewhere.


  1. flush the Koran, huh? Don't they know it's based on the Torah and the Bible, with it's own twist? Oh yeah...gotta love myopic Christians. Inadvertently flush the bible! God will love you!

  2. There are people like this everywhere E. The other day we went to look at a house for sale in a pretty nice neighborhood. One of those with a gate and everything. The guy across the street had a rebel flag hung across his living room window, and as we were leaving came out to the porch to make some sort of comment along the lines of "Ain't no niggers and half-breeds gonna live here."

    He's right, we're not.

    It's a shame, but I think eventually it will get better. Perhaps not in our lifetimes, but one day. As the old die off and the newer generations come forward, people will forget the racism they were taught from their parents, and their parent's parents. Etc.

    The Koran sign is just one more reason for me to be proud of the fact that I am not a church going person.

  3. It makes me sick Ang.

    I hope you're right, but so many times the parents teach the kids, and the parents might do us the favor of dying off, but the kid carries on the hatred, passes it to their kids.

    I dunno. I wish I could have gone to the candlelight vigil in Durham last night, be one of the faces and voices that protested the ignorance.

    It's just such an ugly cycle.

    Unfortunately that's not the way the Christians see it. They don't think of the Koran as something the bible influenced or helped to build. They see it as the offending/opposing religion 'tainting' the word of God with false prophecy or some shit. With them, it's all or nothing.

    I'd choose nothing over hatred and disrespect.

  4. Oh jeeze Angie - I'm sorry you had to deal with that shit. It makes me sick sick sick.

  5. Well, if it's any indication of how the world really IS changing for the better, I was raised in a very racist southern family. For god's sake, I grew up in Memphis. I've never been anywhere where the racial tension is higher than there.

    Here I am married to my dark husband with my half-breed baby, and I couldn't be happier.

    I was taught racism from a very young age, but I think I learned more from observation than from my parents. Hopefully today's children are living in a more multicultural world. Hell, my parents went to school during desegregation. Each generation gets a little closer to the way things should be.

    There will always be the little fringe groups that hold on to their archaic beliefs, but as a whole, society will even itself out.

  6. Ya know, it's interesting that you mention your parents went to school during desegregation...It's hard to believe that time past is really so close on our heels...