Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mother's Day!

Everyone gave me my Mother's Day gifts today. No one here is very good at keeping secrets, lol. Anyway, I got some good stuff! Scotty fixed my kitchen sink and bought me a new faucet - I know it doesn't sound like much, but it IS. When we moved in here 3 years ago, the sprayer had a hole in the hose, so we had to disconnect it, or it shot a constant stream of water at you as long as the water was on. So, 3 yrs w/o a sprayer. You don't know how handy they are until you can't use it! Then a good while back, the faucet developed a leak, and dripped some. Then it dripped more. Then it started REALLY dripping. Sometimes if you got the faucet and handle in just the right combined positions, it would stop, but here lately, we were up to a constant stream (ecologically unsound, and expensive to leave your water running all the time) and so, a new functioning faucet with no drips AND a working sprayer! Wooooo hoooooooo!! The bad news is that Scotty also decided to climb under the house and see if we could figure out why the sink doesn't drain right, and he discovered that when the landlord put the house on city sewer, his plumber used PVC pipe from the sink to the main out-line, and the main out-line is cast iron. I don't understand exactly what's what under there, but something about connecting from plastic to metal doesn't work, and there's something broken.

The old bastard will just LOVE that.

So, my other present is... a Gardenia bush! I loooove Gardenias! They smell so good! And the bush has been trimmed and trained to look more like a tree, and it's gorgeous and it smells good and it's gonne be YUMMY in my garden. And cards, of course I have cards - and I know the kids made stuff for me at school so I'll get woken up in the morning with coffee and more stuff :)

Now I'm going to bed, so I won't be bitchy when they wake me up lol.


  1. happy mother's day my dear

    sincerely ~ jack

  2. Happy Mother's day Erin. Sounds like you got exactly what you needed. And the gardenia sounds beautiful. I wish I could keep anything alive.

    I've yet to receive any of my goodies, and I may not receive any at all due to finances, but I've got my gift right here. I never thought I'd ever be holding my own child, ya know? I feel like maybe for mother's day I should be celebrating Jonas, instead of the other way around.

    Anyway, hope your day is wonderful. We're making big yummy muffins to take to Wil's parents this morning. And your mention of coffee has me salivating.

    Must get to kitchen! :)

  3. *smoooooooooooch*

  4. Hi E

    Happy Mother's Day and stuff. Gardenia is one of my most favorite scents, I'm so jealous. :)

    Love ~L