Monday, May 30, 2005

From the Desk of Vickie Knight

Miss Vickie wrote this for me to use as part of my press release package. Of course, I'll be using it wherever I'll need a blurb. I think she did an awesome job of encapsulating all of it into one cohesive whole. Thanks again Vickie! I'll put this to good use.

"Poetic Acceptance" by Erin Monahan is a new chapbook just released by Meetings of the Minds Publications. It is 30 pages featuring 27 poems. This volume is a "must have" for all poets.

Women are affected by a variety of events in their lives. They play a large number of roles. We are women, first. At the same time, we are wives, mothers, daughters, and friends. Our roles are not always chosen, but they are ours nonetheless. "Poetic Acceptance" gives us a look at one woman's acceptance of those roles.

While this collection of poetry offers more glimpses into the life of the author than an actual story, this mother of five shares parts of her life at its best and worst. Her poetry does a wonderful job of showcasing the various roles shared by many women. She is mother, lover, daughter and friend, all rolled up into one. Each role receives adequate attention throughout.

As a woman, we glimpse the sexuality of the young with beautiful images that transport us into her musings. Phrases like "dipped our grass-stained toes in puddles of each other" take you places you thought you had long forgotten.

As a mother, we suffer with her when she loses a child. One can only imagine the pain associated with this event. Ms. Monahan makes it easier to understand.

I believe that you chose me,
that those dozen days
were a loan I can never repay you.

We also explore her shattered faith as both a mother and a daughter that is reinforced by her loss:

With his own words, I find him
guilty -
murder one
of an innocent infant,

Never one to dwell on a topic for long, Ms. Monahan will have you smiling one minute and crying the next. Simple events take on special meaning when seen through the eyes of the author. Take a trip to the flea market or out to your backyard. In the company of Ms. Monahan, you're sure to experience something new.

This "must have" collection comes in professional quality high-gloss covers with beautiful artwork for just $10. Order yours today:


  1. ohhh that's really GOOD. I mean, yep E, you're good, but good PR is REALLY good. You did tell Vickie she rocks, right?

  2. oh I most definitely did tell Ms V she rocks. Seriously, I wrote the damn chap and couldn't have wrapped it up this perfectly.

  3. Laura, she most certainly did. At least three time now. I have the original posted on my blog as well...

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I just ordered my copy, Erin. : )


  5. You are an absolute DOLL Millard. I hope you enjoy it!