Monday, May 9, 2005

Thirty-two and . . . proud?

There comes a time in life that you just have to do it, accept - accept who you are, or who you've become, you know? I look at myself in the mirror and it scares me, The last year has apparently just not been kind to me physically. Ma warned me what happened after you turn 30, but sheesh! And I've been having this thought for a couple of months, inspecting the crows feet at the corners of my eyes, or that thing your stomach does when it's just enough out of shape to look bad in a short shirt, but not so bad that you head for the moomoo section at Wal-Mart. My rump too, but we won't go there. It's just that those last two mentioned areas used to be the two places I considered to be my best attributes. I no longer consider them that.

But, I also figure that at 32, if I finally stop getting carded for cigarettes, or hit on by teen-age boys, it isn't necessarily a bad thing right? I'm a little less likely to flaunt what I've got in the light of day, and I doubt I'll be prancing in a bikini this summer, like I was last year.

I am getting older, and it shows, and I may as well just face it, right? It's not like I'm Cher. I can't have the offending areas sucked out, tucked, re-stuffed or relocated, and I wouldn't if I could. (would I?) So I've been very resistant to adding any new pictures to anything - the ones I use are all at least 6 years old. I suppose I should throw some make-up on and smile and say cheese. Because there comes a time in life that you just have to do it, accept - accept who you are, or who you've become, you know?


I must be on the "heavy rotation schedule" for the "next blog" function. My stats are through the roof today!

*hi all!*


  1. hi E

    I have a vacuum and some whiskey and we can take care of those abs. ;) I'm kidding you're a hottie and you know it, and yes, it's good when the teenagers stop hitting on you... I think.... I really have never experienced that, but I think it is. i'd love to see a new pic up, don't make me get a great candid of you drunk at my wedding and have to make that suffice *wags finger*



  2. HAHA! But I have a year to get beautiful before then!

    And besides, you think it would be the FIRST drunk pic of Erin? Here:
    Drunk, and still going at it ;)

  3. Yeah, I really look forward to the teenagers not hitting on me anymore. It just makes me feel like an object, not a person, when I am walking around the high schools. (Never mind why I'd be there in the first place. I never said I don't LIKE feeling like an object.) Years are not nice at times, E. BUT, we recover, as the mind goes.

  4. D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! D came D came! ooh ooh ooh!

    heh, If it's true that we recover as our minds go, I figure I'm losing it and recovering at a fairly even ratio....

    love ya D! Good to see YOU here!


  5. Erin, you could turn to jello and still look great, but I know what you mean about the all of a sudden change, or maybe it's just the all of a sudden realization that you've gone from young to "getting old".

    Wil's parents have a picture of us in their livingroom from the first year that we were dating. Oh my god! I look like a baby. Perfect skin, healthy glow, etc. Now I look in the mirror and my skin is all sallow, the creases are forming around the eyes and across the forehead. Time is not going to be good to me if I'm not even 30 yet!

    But I don't know if there's a person in the world who is happy with the way they look on a consistent basis.