Saturday, May 7, 2005


I am bored to tears, bored and completely unmotivated. I have written 2 crappy poems today, and that's about it. I'm sleepy, Considering that for the last several nights I've been in bed well before midnight, I shouldn't be sleepy at all.

My kittens are finally fully weaned, and I will be putting out the sign just any day now. But they're so damned cute, I can't stand to think about getting rid of them. I need to get personal and see what gender the two black ones are - the siamese looking one is male, and he's staying.

Sissy (the dog) will have puppies soon. I have this strange urge with my animals to sit with them as they birth, as if they can't handle it without me? Anyway, Once the pups are old enough, we're getting rid of Sissy and all the pups except one male. Enough puppies already! Same thing with the cats, all gone except for the little Siamese. Well that's the plan anyway...

So I've been watching cartoons - think I'll get back to it.

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