Friday, May 13, 2005

Pre Orders

Just talked to Shaela again, she sure isn't afraid of long distance. She must have some kind of kick-ass calling plan or something. Anyway, she's in the middle of editing the proof, says I should be able to start taking pre-orders any day now! I'll add the link as soon as I know my page is up, which will probably be tomorrow. I would like you all to buy, oh, I dunno, ten copies each? Haha just kidding. Five each will be fine.


  1. ten copies or even five might be a bit steep all at once, how about one copy a month for x months?

  2. wellllll... ok.
    lol are you kidding me? I'll be amazed if I sell 10 total!

  3. actually, hon, at $10 a pop, one is sufficient. I have purchased multiple copies of lower-priced items...