Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Every Weekend

I spend every weekend clicking "get mail" 1000 times, thinking that surely I'll hear from JAW on a weekend day, since he has a real job to work - then again I think I recall V saying he works a bajillion hours a week at several different jobs and projects and charities other than the magazine itself. I am just not a patient person, and I've waited nearly 2 months now. It comes and goes though, the impatience. And I figure if I only spend 2 days a week tweaking my road runner mail account out with repeated checkings, it's better than in the beginning when I was doing it 7 days a week.

My chapbook will be released in a couple of weeks, I would have liked to have added JAW to the credits, but I couldn't, obviously. I'm still looking forward to Ploughshares opening for reading again. I need to go recheck that date, but I know they're closed for poetry right now.

I pity the poetry editors at major magazines. Lousy poetry is so much more common than anything worthwhile - and the poor writers tend to be the most obnoxious about submitting. They simply don't know any better. I bet the job of poetry editor is mind numbing and tedious. I can't imagine doing it for a living. I'd think it would kill my love of poetry. It would be like reading a poetry.com anthology every day and finding (maybe) that one nugget a week that was worth my time.

I'd be the hateful rotten poetry editor sending out sarcastic rejection letters. I'm actually looking forward to getting my first snail mail rejection letter. I haven't submitted much in the way of print publications, and have basically been solicited for everything I've had done in print - so I've never gotten an "official" rejection. I hope it's from a rotten sarcastic poetry editor...


  1. I am so sorry about this. You know I tried to spur him on. Did you get my email yesterday?

  2. lol V this isn't your fault in any way, it's my own problem that I'm impatient. A lesson I'm going to have to learn if I intend to survive the idea of getting into any print publication. If I didn't reply to your email, I didn't get it. I always reply right away since my memory sucks anymore lol.

  3. I think the non-response triggered that poem in part...also the fact that the day simply sucked.

  4. As Lou Reed says: "He's never early, he's always late- first thing that you learn is that you've always gotta wait" (Waiting for the man).