Monday, May 30, 2005

Pesky Typos

Well, thanks to Erin and her excellent eye, I think I know why 9 people said they ordered, and only 4 orders went to my publisher. Apparently, when my publisher set up her paypal preferences, she put one email address for the paypal orders, and another for the credit card sales.

If the email you recieved as a receipt of purchase includes this email address:
then there will be absolutely no problem.
If however it says
then PLEASE let me know. There's a typo in the email address which is stopping the order notification from going through to Shaela, and she doesn't know you ordered.

I've notified her to let her know the problem, and hopefully she can pull up a list of verified orders and get around this glitch, and I'm sure she'll fix the typo in the address asap. Please bear with me on this, I apologize to those of you that will experience a delay in shipping time.


Issue resolved. All orders are being processed and shipped - the email typo has been corrected and all further orders will be no problem.

I did manage to get a copy of the order log though. LOL, there really are only 4 orders!


  1. If you aren't Mike, Vickie, Nan, or "James somethingorother" (Magdala I think) and you ordered a book and she really has missed orders, contact me, I'll fix it.

  2. So, it no longer says "meeting og the minds?" I thought that was hilarious!