Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My first Meme

SheWeevil has tagged me for this meme - it's my first ever. I think this means I've been initiated into the blogosphere, right? Wow, now I'm a citizen, so long as my accent isn't held against me ;)

So here's the thing, the Movie Meme:

Total Number of Videos/DVDs owned:
Well now, that's a tricky question, I have about 30 videos of the recorded off the kids' channels type. Barney, god help me, a lot of them are Barney. We have about 30 that are real live store bought legal VHS movies, including the boxed set of Indiana Jones (don't ask!) And then there is a our still small DVD collection, only about 10 of them.

Last film I bought:
Actually we bought three that night, Gothika, Dreamcatcher, and Barbershop.

The last film I watched:
Hmmm, I guess it was Dead Presidents. It came on TV the other night, unless you mean recorded movie, in which case it was probably Barbershop 1 & 2, which for the record are hysterically funny.

That was fairly painless now wasn't it? Now, here we go to find the 5 unlucky souls I'll be tagging ;)


  1. OK I am officially tagging Vickie, E2, Ang, Jen, and Martin! :)