Saturday, May 21, 2005

Poetry - Chapbooks, blogs - and secrets

So, I have this chapbook coming out right? I'm so proud of it, and I have told my mother that it isn't going to be published after all.She'd want to see it, read it, ask questions about the content and meaning of too many poems. I am not ready or able at this point to explain certain things to her. I'm hoping she isn't home when they arrive, I feel badly enough about lying to her, I don't want to be faced with, "Oh is that your chapbook!? I thought it wasn't being published!? Let me see it!"

It makes me sad to have to hide one of my proudest moments from my mother.

I have been linked! so that's cool, more traffic, more exposure - and it's local people for the most part that will be coming here from there, so this is a good thing.

Do you realize how many poetry blogs there are out there? Good god we're taking over the blogosphere! The sad part is that so many of them are teenagers who don't actually use words.
You know what I mean, it's a whole new damn language. My kids type in it and it drives me crazy. I'm getting old I suppose - and if it means I think people should take the time and energy to write out whole words and sentences, so be it.

So there's my addition for today. Lame huh? Just a few current snippets of thought.

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