Sunday, May 29, 2005

Music Meme #Last!

1. The person who passed the baton to you?
Jenni, of Jenni and Jack fame. By far the blogger to teach me the most about contemporary poetry and all things related. She rules, and only because she is so wonderful am I giving in to yet another meme. This is my last by golly. They reming me of email forwards lol.

2. Total volume of music files on your computer.
On mine? zero, because I have no burner on my pc. Scotty's PC does, so he downloads and burns CDs for me. HIS pc has 955MB of music files, something like 200 songs.

3. The title and artist of the last CD you bought.
We are such horrible piraters, we don't buy many, unless of course you include the blank ones we burn to... Let's see the last one I remember buying was Nickleback.

4. Song playing at the moment of writing.
Call me a geek, but I'm not listening to music right now - with 5 kids running around the house, it gets too damn hectic. I turn it on sometimes after they go to bed. But, I WAS listening to Metallica after dinner.

I'm passing to Laura, and Mike (because they both called safe like smart asses last time) and James.


  1. Lol, E! Did you see my response to the meme you posted in my comments?

    "Erin 05.24.2005 at 20:38
    Erin, I can't tag 5 other people, because, in my humble opinion, that would be akin to breaking my 'no forwards' rule with email and I'm sorry, but I just can't compromise on that one... But I will endulge just you this time only..."

    LOL. I guess we see eye to eye on this one! :o)

  2. P.S. I don't remember where I found this guy - never seen a mullet like that before! - but he has a whole list of addicting memes. You'll get hooked - just wait! Click my name for the link.

  3. They DO smack of email forwards, which I despise.
    Must be an Erin thang!


    That's some serious party in the back eh! I refuse to look though, I don't WANT to be addicted, I am happy disliking them!

  5. Lol. What's the waterfall name for mullets? Kentucky waterfall or something? He's worse than Joe Dirt! Oops, I forgot, you don't watch movies. ;o)

  6. haha I have no idea... and yeah this is one serious mulletage

  7. my two cents...I only forward something when I really like it. And I never expect anyone else to do the same...

  8. I avoid them like the plague. I sent one that I received for mother's day just because it was that amazing, but it was the only one I've sent in probably 3 years. Mostly because I don't want the recipients to resent me lol!

  9. hrmmmm i've been hiding, sorry. I will explore the meme thingy. Perhaps.

    *hug* (btw)


  10. lol L feel free to ignore it. I'll be ignoring all the meme tags I get from now on too ;)