Wednesday, May 4, 2005


I read this poem today on one of the boards I frequent. It was all fuzzy bunnies, rainbows and silver linings and it took everything in me not to post a reply like,
"Oh fuck off!"
Because come on, bad things don't always have some positive underside or side effect, and things don't happen for some god damn reason that makes things better, or even fair, and not
even acceptable.

I'm sick to death of the fact that people just can't face life as it is, for what it is. Always looking for some rationalization or excuse. Something to make themselves feel better. It's bullshit folks. Sometimes life is unfair wrong and just plain sucks. Deal with it. Denial gets you nowhere, justification does nothing for you or the situation - deal, and get over it.


  1. and I thought it was just me felt like that!

  2. haha Martin, me too. Sometimes I'm so cynical!

  3. ROFL!
    Shoot the fluffy bunnies!

    Too much cutesy syrup makes me puke - with you all the way.

  4. Hi Cheryl!
    I say we cook the bunnies and serve them with roasted carrots (and maybe some syrup haha)

  5. Sentiment (for Erin)

    There's something about
    Lovely fluffy bunnies that
    Makes me think of stew.

  6. Fluffy bunnies are at their best in a stew pot - or in senryu about it ;) Thanks Martin!