Sunday, May 29, 2005

Optimism at its Finest.

I have been lied to. I've known it for a couple of days. But in the first 2 days after my chap was released I had 9 people tell me they ordered one, but there were actually only 4 orders. I don't know why someone would say they did if they didn't - I mean, why not just shut up and say nothing? Anyway, I've decided as much as I want to sell this thing, and I DO want to sell the hound out of this thing, I'm just going to do my own thing and sell them myself, through other venues than this and not worry about who does or doesn't order one through here.

I'll find out once every three months anyway, so wondering isn't a necessary thing.
So, note to self:
stop obsessing, what should happen, will.

I think I've been stressing out about this more than I like to admit. I mean my rational mind can say that if I don't sell a fucking one, it doesn't actually HURT me, you know, I haven't spent a penny. Any that I do sell, even if it's just that 4 I knew about on Day 3, well, that's a few bucks I didn't have before.

I just want so badly to succeed! Part of me knows that if nothing else, I'll be disappointed in myself if this fails miserably. As much a positive response as I've had to actually getting a chapbook published... I don't want to lose that momentum in the negative response to failure.

And here I am, predicting my own failure, or at least mentally preparing for it, less than a week into this process. *sigh*
I swear I'm an optimist - just not when in relation to myself!


  1. check your email...

  2. You will succeed. There may have been lies to date, but I can almost guarantee that all 9 will place orders. They should not have spoken out as they did, though. Can you get your email added to the paypal receipt?

  3. I'm just being silly V, and thank you for your faith in me when mine runs short :)

  4. Anonymous5:03 AM

    I have a paypal receipt, but when I placed my order it told me that the recipient was not a paypal member and it would take longer for them to accept the money. Any idea what that was about? Now it says payment to Chapbook Enterprises complete. The receipt says it was confirmed on 5/24. Do you have any idea when these will be shipped after ordering by the way? I am hoping mine comes before I go on my trip ;)
    Sometimes Paypal can be tricky for people who haven't used it before. People forget to click "confirm" And if it is an e-check it can take 5-7 days for the funds to clear and the payment to go through, that would delay showing a sell on those. Perhaps some of the 9 were done that way?
    I am sure no one would lie to you on purpose about ordering. Either they order or they don't. It's not rocket science!
    Hang in there and give it time.

  5. I did I have another guy tell me Paypal was acting funky for him - I know Paypal can be glitchy sometimes, so I'm hoping you're right about it just being a techie thing holding up the works.

    As far as it saying she isn't a Paypal member, well that's just weird lol - no doubt another glitchy moment. I have faith in Paypal though, if Ebay uses them, it must work, eventually lol.

    My understanding is that they should be sent out as soon as the order is placed, so you should get it in 6-8 weeks

    Just kidding maybe a week from Philly to you ;)

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    You wench! I actually said "NO!" before I read the rest of what you said! LOL! 6-8 weeks. Hrmph. Funny girl.
    I've had my Paypal account for years and it never ceases to amaze me how strange it can be when it wants to!
    I'm sure it will all come out in the wash.