Thursday, May 12, 2005

Someone Else's Loss

Someone Else's Loss

Love makes bitches of us all,
in the fading light of afternoon when

the shadows of trees fall across our faces
like hazy bars in a prison of sentiment.

Blurry perhaps, though solidly
binding, they bend us --

into forced submission
to the will of an uncaring other.

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  1. There is an edge to this and a truth which we feel from others and can even describe ourselves sometimes. But a truth nonetheless. Hi, sweetie! Hope you and yours are well. I'm back with Mom in tow. She's staying here for a few days this week, then off to have her stay with my sister's family, then Mom's back for a few days next week before I take her back home. What a joy to have her here with me! All good things to you, hugs and peace!