Monday, May 16, 2005


Ever written something and gone back years later and reread it? I do it to torture myself sometimes. I try to revisit old poetry every once in a while to remind myself of what not to do. I almost always hate every word I ever wrote. I tease that my poems are like my kids, and I refer to them as my bastard children who remind me of my mistakes. They embarrass me in public, like only a child can do. So today, I went back to Meeting of the Minds, to the issue I was included in, and read my biography today. I didn't hate it. I was surprised. It isn't exactly the most professional bio, but it didn't totally suck. So I'm posting it here, for its possible amusement qualities.

My name is Erin Monahan: mother of 5 who hails from North Carolina. At the age of 31, I've been writing for many years, though only recently have I taken it seriously and realized the value of poetry as art. With this realization came the desire to learn, to improve - to grow. I'd like to think I've managed that, though I hope I'll never stop.

I've come to appreciate well thought out criticism, and its tendency to teach the critic as much as the critiqued. I am an imagery addict, and am trying to discover colors other than pastels. I am addicted to proper punctuation, just one of my psychoses. I want to be more progressive in my style, deeper in my message, and more effective with my speech.

I've never been published in print (they say one must submit to accomplish this feat) but have found great satisfaction in online poetry communities and publication in online poetry Ezines. Perhaps some day I'll believe I've grown enough to risk success. Until then, I'll be content with the satisfaction of the creative processes of my art.

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