Friday, April 14, 2006

Uncle Randy -

The last few weeks have been so overwhelming. Nova was all we could concentrate on, and really still is. But I know that many of you had been reading because of my posts about Scott's brother Randy, who had leukemia and was waiting to get a marrow transplant. It was another story that evoked so much response from so many of my readers and friends, that I feel guilty for being so remiss in updating you all about him.

Randy was in and out of remission several times. They'd done blood typing on the entire family to try to find a family match - the best case scenario is to find a sibling match. Unfortunately, none of the siblings were a close enough match and they searched the marrow bank. There, they found 5 perfect matches, which is nothing short of a miracle. They planned the trip to Boston for his transplant and Randy went back to the doctor for some final bloodwork. The bloodwork showed that he was out of remission again.

About 3 weeks ago, the doctors told the family that there's nothing more they can do for Randy. He is living his final weeks of life, with the biggest part of his family at his side. His wife has decided to stay home with him and spend as much time with him as she can. She says he has good days and bad days, but is actually handling it pretty well. He's planning his own funeral arrangements - something I can't even begin to comprehend.

With that knowledge in mind, Scott had to call his mother last week and tell her about Nova's passing. He didn't want to do it, didn't want to burden them with more than they're already dealing with. They made the same choice for Randy, and didn't tell him right away.

I got an email from Randy's wife this morning. I want to share the part that I still, hours later, have stuck in my throat.
"I wanted so badly to call you but I was at a loss for words. We didn’t tell Randy right away, he had a few rough days, but when he asked I was honest. He wanted to know if we heard from you and how Nova was doing..."

"I told Randy that he needed to look out for Nova up there and he said he will."


  1. *tear* so much sadness and yet the world has become a much more beautiful place....

    How ya doin', my dear? You hangin' in there? *hug* Love you.

    Oh, and, well...your care package is gonna be delayed. I didn't get it out in time. I'm hoping tomorrow morning. :-/ I hope you like it.

  2. "I told Randy that he needed to look out for Nova up there and he said he will."

    That is simultaneously one of the saddest and most hopeful things I have ever heard. Love to Randy and family.

  3. I'll say it once more: Families are Forever. I live every day with "a perfect brightness of hope." Have a good Easter. I think of you every day.

  4.'s gonna be even later. Someone stole our conversion van right off of our own driveway sometime early this morning. Sorry :-/. I'll mail it out Monday. *hug* Have a good weekend

  5. Oh MARY!!! They stole it right out of your yard? How horrible! I hope you guys get it back - soon and WHOLE. Man, that sucks. *hug* Love you dear!

    It IS sad and hopefull at the same time, made my bawl and smile. I'll send pictures in a little while of Terra with the book and bracelt - she's napping now, but she'll be THRILLED to see the camera. I'm sure she'll ham it right up for you.

    I received your package today... thank you so much! I love that there was an Easter card rather than a Sympathy card, bright and cheerful. I needed it. *hug* I'm looking forward to reading the book.

  6. That is a beautifully sad thing, E, and..well, sympathy to that end of the family too.

  7. *sigh* We'll see. I'm just glad I didn't go to the gym this morning like I was intending. I could've been hurt if I would have surprised them. Thank goodness for small miracles. :-) It'll all work out. You know me. I have faith. Love you!