Monday, April 24, 2006

Just a little (too much)

I have completely given up on all the thousands of things I normally do. I'm a huge fan of bloglines for keeping up with my favorite blogs - I logged on a bit ago and there were 71 new posts. SEVENTY ONE! That's about the same number of loads of laundry I brought back from New York, and roughly the same number of phone calls and emails I have to catch up on. Plus, I only have a few days and we're off again! Yes, we're off to that beach trip we can definitely not afford now that we went to Troy, but fuck it, I'm not willing to lose the money I spent on the reservations because I'll lose the whole amount anyway, because the chances of the place getting re-rented in the next 3 days is damn near null. I may as well go if I'm going to lose the money anyway, right?

(This is where you all agree with me ok? Because I NEED to go to the beach right now, just as badly as I need the air I'm breathing, trust me...)

Of course, we'll be there Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, and the weather is not exactly kids-at-the-beach friendly. But I don't really care.

New York was good, but it was also hard, and I'm really looking forward to some serious down-time, away


  1. You should ABSOLUTELY go to the beach. Damn the money! (well, I KNOW how it is with money, but at least worry about it later).

    Take some time to be with yourself and with your family. You don't have to be strong all the time, and you need to look after yourself so that when you do have to be strong you'll have the resources to cope.

    Time out at the beach sounds like a very sensible thing to do right now.
    Build sandcastles.

  2. You sound a bit like my wife. She's a Pisces, and she claims that she needs regular trips to the beach to keep her in a good mood.

    Plus, I know just how theraputic a beach trip can be. Trust me. I say go for it.


  3. Go!! Have some fun in the sun! Get some sand in your shorts and other places we won't talk about. LOL We'll have even more to catch up on!! ;-P

  4. Go to the beach, definitely! Last week we went on a hike (I NEEDED to go on a hike) but had to come back early because Hubbie got sick. I so needed to go on a hike that I packed up again and went out to GSNMP for a couple more days. It didn't make sense, but it was necessary.

    So go to the beach, relax, and don't feel guilty about it.

  5. Honey, you get in that van and don't look back for three days.

    And that's an order!