Monday, April 3, 2006

4/3/06 #1

So this morning I called the hospital and asked again about the yeast culture and the confusion about the positive/negative results that the nurse told me about yesterday. Apparently, the nurse during the day was wrong. There have been no negative culture results. He still has the yeast infection.

I don't know why she told us that yesterday, it isn't as though we were even asking about it, she just volunteered the information out of the blue. I'm pissed off and disappointed, and I feel like an ass because I told Dr. Watts that it had come back negative, and it wasn't.

Now we're back to worrying about having to remove the Broviac, which can't be done until they can get another line in. He hasn't done well with keeping an IV, and getting rid of the Broviac is a major deal because of that. And of course, there's still the concern about where the yeast may be colonizing, or where it may start colonizing, such as in his heart...

Anyway, Dianne said he's tolerating the tube feeds well, and they hope to have him off of the IV nutrition (it's called TPN) by 8 o'clock tonight. They're taking him back to do another CT scan to check the blood clots in his Vena Cava, and as always, running more cultures.

I'm so upset about the yeast infection, and the nurse telling me something that wasn't so. I can't even put into words how angry and confused and frustrated I am about it.


  1. oh, cripes. that is not a little mistake. Why on earth would she have volunteered that information if it wasn't at all true? *sigh* hang in there, hon. he's still on the up :-) Love you!

  2. I don't know Mary, I'm just confused about how it happened, obviouly she thought it was negative - and I don't know how that can happen unless she was looking at someone else's paperwork. That thought in itself is worrisome.

    Normally they're so careful about what they tell you and double check everything. I don't know, I just don't know.

    And I don't know what, if anything, to do about it, other than try to convince Dr. Watts that I'm not a delusional idiot lol.

  3. Is that nurse new? I know it's not the same thing (not even close), but we have a strict policy in place at work that no one gives labwork results besides the doc, unless it is on his orders. Surprises me that she a) volunteered the info in the first place and b) was wrong. Eeek. Maybe it's a sign that the next one will be negative? In any case, chin up honey bunny.

  4. No, she isn't new at all - she's even been Nova's nurse before, but I cannot remember her name, it's driving me crazy! Anyway, I know the nurses aren't allowed give a diagnosis, like "He has Pneumonia." but they can say "the culture came back positive." They tend NOT to tell you about a positive though, because parents then want to ask "Well, what does that mean?" which would require giving a diagnosis.

    So, I'm assuming that with a negative - it wouldn't lead to any questions they weren't allowed to answer, so she felt comfortable telling us.

    Of course, all of this is just my own assumptions - maybe she wasn't supposed to tell me. I dunno. Hell, I don't even know where she got the idea that there even was a negative result!