Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My absence is nothing to be concerned about... I haven't lost my mind, been institutionalized, or decided to let this blog grind to a halt.

We'll be making the trip to Troy, NY (12 - 16 hrs, via conversion van, with 5 kids... God help us) for Randy's funeral. We'll be out of town until Friday evening. I doubt I'll have time to do much blogging while we're there, so there probably won't be anything new here until the 21st or 22nd.

Meanwhile, someone please feed and water the dog and check our mail please. And in the event of another storm, please check to see that the patio furniture is still secured.

Wish me well, pray that no one goes on a rampage in the van during the trip, and that the van makes it there and back with no troubles... it is a 1992 afterall!


  1. Have a safe trip, my dear. God speed. *hug*

  2. Have a safe trip, E. I am having visions of my parents taking us kids (me, brother, sister, step-sister, foster sister and foster brother) on a cross country trip when I was 12 in a Ford Aerostar - and not even the extended version. My foster brother kept falling asleep and drooling with his head on me, so I took my belt and safety-pinned it to the seat in two places to keep his head off me Lol.

    Hope your trip is just as much fun! :o)

  3. Safe travels to you all, hon!

  4. Be safe! I'll be thinking of you!

  5. i'll carry
    strenght in my back pocket
    for you

  6. Krisstanamus10:45 PM

    Awaiting your safe return...