Thursday, April 6, 2006

phone consent x 28561057

The hospital called for telephone consent for a few things today. They want to run a new central line so they can remove the Broviac line. I guess they're still convinced that the yeast is growing in the Broviac line. I'm a little concerned about them taking it out - a regular central line only lasts a week-ish before they have to remove it. If they're wrong about the yeast in the Broviac, and the yeast doesn't clear up after they remove it, then they'll continue to really have a hard time getting a new central in when this new one goes south. But they have to take the Broviac out in case the yeast IS in it, because they'll never get rid of the yeast if it's colonizing in the line and they leave it in.

They put him back on Dopamine this morning too. That's a development I'm particularly unhappy about. Apparently his urine output has been way down, indicating the possibility of those renal problems I've been so worried about (a side effect of IV antifungal drugs) but they're trying the Dopamine in hopes that the kidneys just need more blood flow. Dopamine increases blood pressure, and therefore should help if it's a blood supply problem rather than renal problems.

I'm also hoping that it isn't linked to the blood in his urine that we were seeing after the angiojet. They say that blood in the urine is actually a fairly common after effect of the angiojet, so hopefully it's unrelated and doesn't serve as evidence of kidney damage...

Christ, I know that all of this is a working science. I understand that each patient is different, that how they tolerate/react to each procedure is different. Everything has a certain element of the unknown involved with it, but the unknowns are what drive me the craziest. I want them to be able to say, with assuredness, that "this" is what we're going to do, and "this" is what's going to happen. And if something happens, I want them to be able to say "this" is what caused it, and "this" is what will fix it. That isn't going to happen, but it's what I want to happen!


  1. *sigh* Hang in there hon! We're all still praying really hard for that little guy to come home with you really soon.

  2. Jeez E, seems we take a step forward only to have setbacks. Nothing in this post sounds like a terribly bad thing at this point. I guess it's all a waiting game. I still think that he's over the worst of everything at this point. Try not to worry too much about the IV lines. Maybe taking the brovaic out will be a good thing for him, if it is colonizing yeast. I know it's a bitch to get a new one in, but maybe he won't need a new one at all.

    As always, sending prayers and strength to him, and you.