Wednesday, April 12, 2006

just a few

Ang talks to Nova

Erin posts a memorial (but I can't find the permalink, so scroll.)

Mary and and her husband Juan take a few moments here and here for Nova

Laura is touched by Nova too.

Mike commemorates our friendship, Nova's funeral, and much more.

James writes a poem or two for Nova.

Nova on the Women's Self Esteem boards

Kriss shows her support for Nova

Erika talks about Nova (and man have people followed her link!)

Michael's post about Nova's passing

Julia dedicates this poem to Nova

Martin references a poem in memory of Nova

Vickie writes a poem for Nova

Drawing on Words posted a Poem for Nova...

A Poem written by Chelsea for Nova, and more here

and one that Shyloh dedicated to Nova.

The Walsh Family breaks the news and says a prayer.

Waterfall posts Logan's Song for Nova.

Billy helps me say goodbye

Cicero sends his condolences.

Mandie says a prayer

Carla shares her thoughts - and they spread to the comments here.

Nova (and Alexis) makes a cameo on Blogher.


  1. Alexis. Yes. She shares the glow of an infinity of stars with Nova.

  2. these are all such wonderful tributes. The kids are laughing up there, you know. Did you notice how bright the moon is? They have the dimmer up to full blast! What a beautiful sight!