Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nasa News

Scientists have formed a theory explaining a phenomena I've been seeing lately. It seems that when a star goes supernova and dies, there is a cloud of debris left in the wake of the explosion. Gravity then causes this dust to collect, and a new planet is (or, can be)formed.

Yup, no surprise to me. I've watched as all of you have gathered and become a new world for me, all because of Nova's death. It's been quite a stellar thing to experience.


  1. You know Erin, I probably wouldn't have told you I believed in miracles before Nova. His (and your) story leaves me shaking my head and without words to articulate what it means to me, how it has moved me, how it has made me a better person.

    Nova's life and death have been (and are) such a miraculous phenomenon. Every once in a great while, something happens that reminds me that we're all human and that the world - though I often think it's dominated by greed and selfishness - is actually chock full of goodness. As I said, I can't even articulate most of my thoughts and feelings on the subject, but in the least, Nova has been one of those "somethings" for me: a spiritually nutritious lesson about what it means to be strong, what it means to give, what it means to lose and what it means to love.

  2. Erin, sometime when you have a minute look on my November 2005 blogstuff--you'll find some fantastic pictures there, especially one called Light Echo. ECHOS of Light from a supernova ... fantastic!

  3. Yes, it's true. Our world has become a new and better place.