Thursday, April 13, 2006

replies and repayments

New posts are down below, this one is going to float awhile so it gets seen

There are so many posts for and about Nova. Songs, poems, thoughts, prayers... So many that I am struggling to keep up with finding them, let alone reading them or replying to them. I want to post a link to each of them, and I know I'll never be able to find them all again. Technorati says there are 9 links from 8 sites, but that is only a fraction of them.

So if you've posted something about Nova and our story, please please PLEASE email me the link to it, I'd like to do a sort of scrap book, both an online version, and an offline version, to keep with his things.

Also, for those of you (many) generous souls who have made a donation in Nova's name, (If I haven't contacted you personally, I apologize, things have been so hectic - and there are SO many of you! I've just gotten lost totally as to who I've thanked and who I haven't!) please email me your home address or your paypal info, so that I know how I can repay you. I'm afraid most of the paypal donations came in without any snail-mail addresses, and I don't want to miss anyone who needs me to repay them.


And now, I think I'm going to try to catch up on the email - you're all such wonderful friends, and there is MUCH email to be replied to!


  1. I am so glad things went as they did yesterday. I guess the silver lining here (as I am obsessed with pointing out) is that 'cause of this crazy internet, not only was Nova able to touch a huge amount of people, but they are able to touch you when you need the support. Pretty awesome.

    "2 day shipping" evidently means 2 days from the day they decide to send it, not 2 days from the day I ordered it, so I think the book should be there today. Sorry for the delay.

    P.S. This (mcqedqum) is just cruel to make someone try to type first thing in the morning!
    Much love, EM.

  2. Well, you found my short post about it, and one of the chicks at I Talk Too Much ( saw the post and put a link in the comments to your site. If you go to their site, scroll down until you see the review of my site. It was on Sunday.

  3. You found my post as well. I had to do something to let other people know about your little boy.

    I also made a donation, but please lose the info on how to send me back a repayment. ;-)

    If you do insist on wanting to pay me back, the best way would be to help out someone else in need, that's all that's necessary.


  4.'re beautiful. *hug* Love you!

  5. Erin
    I hadn't been on the blogs much this week, so just read about Nova. Please know I'm thinking about you. Such a very hard.
    much love,