Wednesday, April 5, 2006


The sunset tonight was gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. Too I've been in too much pain to really enjoy it. Migraines. One for me, one for Kory. He had the added blessing of puke. It was lovely. Nothing like a sweaty puking teenager lying listlessly across a waiting room couch - yeah, his hit on the way there, or I'd have put him to bed and left him home. Wish I could have put my head to bed and left it home. I'm in hell, just for the record.

One of my 2 favorite Patient Reps worked her last night tonight. Don't know who will replace her. CMC better hope to God that Joan doesn't quit too. Joan and Michelle keep the joint running, poor Joan. Hope Michelle's replacement is damn good.

Nova is doing well - they re-re-re-inserted the right chest tube. It's been in and out and in and out and now it's in again, but he needed it. It drained off 71 mls in the first few minutes. (Again, 30 mls in an ounce, so nearly 2 1/2 ounces of fluid.) His black eye looks much better. He's still a little swollen, but not too bad. He looks really good actually. They've added another antifungal to his Rx cocktail - that's 3 antifungals, simultaneously. They started the tube feeds back up at 10am this morning - he's up to 8 mls an hour - he was at 12 mls an hour before yesterday's procedure. It sort of scares me to believe that he's really doing ok now, part of me is still holding its breath waiting for the next complication to come up. God help me, please let there be no more complications.

Have I told you guys about the kids from Uganda? Samaritan's Purse sponsored two children from Uganda to come to the US and have open heart surgery at CMC. Dr. Watts does a couple of kids a year through this sort of program. It doesn't surprise me, it's just the sort of thing I'd think Dr. Watts would do. Amazing isn't he?

LOST kicked ass tonight didn't it? I watched through my fingers as I held my head and begged for mercy. I missed the first half but I just had to watch the rest, despite my head. I thought they were going to kill Hurley off, and I was going to be pissed off in a major way. I can't figure out exactly where they're going with this new plot line, but it's sure better than killing him off.

OK, I just can't type any more. I'm going to go lay down.


  1. Ugh, migranges. I've only suffered one true migrane in my life, and it's not something I ever hope to repeat. Hope yours is short lived and that you're refreshed in the morning.

    The Nova news is fabulous! I mean, aside from the re-re-re-reinserted chest tube. He's such a trooper, ya know?

    I think it's neat that the doctors do charity work. I mean, I don't know if they get any sort of pay for it, but even if they do, I'm sure it's at some sort of reduced cost. Makes me think that there's still some compassion left in the medical world. Very cool.

    I've never watched Lost. I'm just not a tv person, I guess. But I've heard that it's a really great show- up there with the Sopranos (which I've never seen, either) Sometimes I feel like I live my life in a closet or something. :)

    Anyway, as always, sending my love and well-wishes your way.

  2. ugh...I feel your pain, literally. I usually get migraines at least once a month and they're hell, especially if you work under flourescent lights like I do. I haven't gotten the puking, but come pretty close.

    So glad to hear that Nova's on track. I'm holding my breath right there with you. We'll be two blue mama's together :-P lol...take care of yourself. *hug*

  3. I am amazed at your energy and determination Erin. I hope I will have the same when Inarah goes through surgery.

    Glad to know he is doing well. Praying for no further complications.

    Take care