Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A meme

I was reading over at Goofy J's place and saw that she'd done a meme. I rarely do them, especially if I'm tagged, but this one - well... Maybe I just needed a distraction.
I am:
  • Tired of being strong.
  • Glad I have friends & family who love me enough to allow me to be weak.

  • I want:
  • Peace - in my mind, and in my life
  • A maid

  • I wish:
  • Life was less complicated
  • I lived at the beach

  • I hate:
  • Ignorance
  • Most "-isms"
  • Cold weather

  • I miss:
  • The obvious
  • The smell of Lilacs
  • spontaneity

  • I fear:
  • Spiders
  • Horses
  • The dark
  • Train whistles at night
  • That the people I love don't really know how much I love them

  • I hear:
  • Voices in my head as I'm falling asleep
  • The voice of calm when the wind roars through the pine trees
  • The innocence in my children's voices growing away

  • I wonder:
  • Why people choose American Idol over LOST
  • Why people still live anywhere with harsh winters, like Buffalo NY
  • Why people choose to be miserable and angry

  • I regret:
  • Having regrets

  • I am not:
  • A good cook
  • A redneck (though I do hate shoes, and speak with a drawl)
  • The person I hoped I'd become

  • I dance:
  • In the car
  • In the shower
  • With Terra in the yard

  • I sing:
  • Only if someone's life depends on it, which isn't often.

  • I cry:
  • At movies
  • At commercials
  • At songs
  • Alone

  • I'm not always:
  • The sharpest tool in the shed
  • Very friendly, especially in the morning

  • I make with my hands:
  • Meatloaf
  • Flowers die, so I make Scott take care of them.

  • I write:
  • Words on paper to make the full feel empty
  • Words on paper to make the empty feel full.

  • I confuse:
  • Most anyone I talk to
  • My kids, on purpose

  • I need:
  • Things I can never have
  • 30 minutes to wake up in the morning before I can function
  • To get my GED

  • I should:
  • Quit smoking again
  • Stop cussing
  • Learn to drive

  • I start:
  • To worry when my kids are 3 seconds late
  • To call people, but hang up
  • Laundry, then leave it in the dryer for hours

  • I finish:
  • 2 pots or more of coffee a day
  • Poems, when they finally tell me how they end
  • Scott's sentences

  • I tag:
  • Absolutely no one.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      I liked reading your meme. Our prayers continue with you always.

    2. :-) Um, this just confirmed all the many wonderful quirks that I love about you, hon. This is a good one. I may have to post this myself. Glad you all made it back safely.