Sunday, April 2, 2006

Happy four months old!!!

Well, the good news (and perhaps his gift for his 4 month b-day) of the day is:

The latest culture for the yeast came back negative!!
They'll run another culture to make sure it wasn't a false negative, but it looks like we've beaten the yeast. That is extremely good news. I am so relieved! That means that a lot of complications (such as having to remove the Broviac central) aren't an issue anymore!

He's done pretty well for the 2 hour stints that he's been off the narcotics while the AmBisome runs. They'll leave him on that for several weeks even now that he's negative for yeast, as a prophylactic treatment (to prevent it from coming back - and I don't want to hear one joke about rubbers either!)

So we go back up in 20 minutes, and I'm going to run outside and enjoy this gorgeous day, and it is gorgeous!


  1. Just a head's up: I just sent you a shitload of baby socks via I had no idea what size to get, so I got 0-9 mos. and 9-18 mos. Hope it helps.

    Shipping estimate: April 6, 2006
    Delivery estimate: April 11, 2006 - April 17, 2006


  2. Yay Nova! Happy birthday sweet little man!

    Great news E! I'm so overjoyed about the yeast. So much good news lately. Now we can get down to the business of recovery.

  3. Erin~
    Thank you SO much! *hug* You have no idea how much that means to me! And those sizes are great, 'cuz they do get quite a few older kids who are having their final heart surgery, but they never have the bigger socks. Perfect!

    We were going to do cake and candles, but we figured that was sort of mean, he can't blow out candles or eat cake with the vent!

    Yahoo! indeed. I was SO happy when she told me! Now to make sure it's a true negative. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Love yas!