Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Because I can

OK, to offset all the earlier crap as much as possible:

Today's mail also included a very sweet card and a Guardian Angel pin that I love - both from a woman I've only met since Nova.

The dryer died, but we were lucky enough that we had a "spare" (Ma's dryer from her house before she moved in here) that I had forgotten about. Therefore, we didn't go without, my clothes aren't mildewing in a pile somewhere, and by the grace of God, I avoided the whole Laundromat scene, which I HATE.

The $7500.00 doctor bill is most likely a paperwork error, because all of that doctor's charges were covered before.

Dinner was excellent, well worth the wet clothes (which can be dried). And the shoe full of water was funny damn it, even at the time.

The rain came with thunder and lightning, which thrill me, you all know that.

The bill for Nova's funeral is already set up on a do-able payment plan, and will be just fine.

My house is slap full of all sorts of chocolate stuff, which will, at least temporarily, mollify any other complaints I may have.

There is a new poem written for Nova to add to his Book of Memories (See most recent previous entry RE; cafe cafe.)

I discovered the Google personalized home page, which totally kicks major ass - and it can come with Tetris, which is the second coolest game of all time!

The worst part still is finding a way to make it to Randy's funeral, and that's mostly workable too. So I'll devote my considerable intelligence and Easter-Bunny-fueled energies to tackling that problem, because frankly, I can do things - one at a time - when I remember to do things that way!


  1. "easter-bunny-fueled energies"...hmm, I have NO idea what you could be talking about! lol

    You're a trooper, E. I know you'll figure it out. We "mom" types always do, coz if we don't, who will? Love you! Oh! That poem to Nova is a wonderful tribute. *hug*

  2. Sending hugs to you E.